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MD Eger & Associates combines over 50 years of corporate, direct sales, training, mlm experience, relationships and  knowledge and resources to provide for clients the very best 5 star stellar service available in the market place today.  Having built and managed successful multi-million dollar  businesses, teams and companies the value you receive as a client is irreplaceable and priceless. 

From mom and pop to fortune 500

We’ve taken pride in providing the very best service to our clients all across the globe, ranging from start-ups to multi-million dollar Fortune 500 companies, from mom and pops to mlm network marketing companies.  We pride ourselves on providing solutions, and we are your one stop shop for every imaginable category of concern for growth.

From business strategy to resources

Let’s face it, every business has one goal in mind and that is to maximize revenues and earnings as a company and to have as long of a shelf life as possible affording the ownership with longevity for years to come. We understand every aspect of business with practical hands on and education from every spectrum of the business sector from finances, growth, stability, programming, systems, marketing, banking, as well as with our robust legal team that’s already on retainer for and with us, they become your asset and resource as well.

Our Services

Merchant Service

We provide real solutions for small, medium, and large companies needing merchant account services.  Let’s face it, if your business can’t accept monies electronically over the web, chances are you’re in trouble and losing a fortune daily.

Business Consulting

We offer solutions from the beginning to the launch of your new idea or company, as well as the important elements of growth and retention.  Whether it be marketing, copywriting, aggressive strategies, recruitment or marketplace analysis, we are here to help you in every area.

Life Coaching

Personal development and business development can go hand in hand, and ever so often they do, either from the stresses of life  or the uncertainty of the flow. In any business professional’s life and career there comes a time where in there’s a need for direction, a different and fresh perspective, and a relief of business and personal stress that comes with life.


Companies like Pepsi and Coke recognize the importance of branding and marketing so much, they not only compete but lead the beverage industry in visibility. With the era of not only TV and print, but now also social media, companies all across the world compete to be seen #1 the most, and #2,  be seen first.


To be super effective and depending on your genre, you must have several web based mechanisms  working simultaneously in sync in order to compete and be a viable entity within the marketplace. Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you’re selling real estate, cars or doughnuts you must do business the 21st century way. 

Venture Capital/Financial/Credit

For businesses needing working capital, we can assist you in accessing the finances you need. Other financial services include corporate set up, business and personal credit services. We partner you with the best solution to fit your needs.

MLM/Network Placement

With this unique service, we help network marketers find the best home for them and their teams.  With over 20 years of highly successful experience in this arena as a top earner in the industry, allow my wisdom to guide you to the possibilities of a career enhancing decision.

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