About MD Eger & Associates

MD Eger & Associates combines over fifty years of corporate, direct sales,  training, mlm experience, relationships and  knowledge and resources to provide for clients the very best 5-star stellar service available in the market place today.  Having built and managed successful multi-million dollar businesses, teams and companies the value you receive as a client is irreplaceable and priceless.

Services range from Business consulting, merchant service solutions, life coaching, training, marketing, branding, systems and  venture capital solutions, plus other services tailored to fit the needs of every business owner, executive, sales force, top marketer, as well as nontraditional and traditional companies. MD Eger & Associates is your best solution to fulfill all your needs and requirements whether you are a start up or established fortune 500 we pride ourselves to provide solutions and are your one stop shop for every imaginable category of concern for growth.

Let’s face it, every business have one goal in mind and that is to maximize revenues and earnings as a company and to have as long of a shelf life as possible affording the ownership with longevity for years to come.  We understand every aspect of business with practical hands on and education from every spectrum of the business sector from finances, growth, stability, programming, systems, marketing, banking, as well as with our robust legal team that’s already on retainer for and with us, they become your asset and resource as well.  It’s our mission to help every business and business person that secure our services avoid the pitfalls, mistakes and misfortune most businesses are forced to face because they either don’t have access or have been misguided by less experienced firms.

We are known as the got it done group, why? We get the job done for you each and every-time, chances are if you need it we can get it, or get it done for you, merchant account drama?  We got you covered here as well. Launching a company and scratching your head with questions needing direction?  Have challenges with your existing company, team, sales force or staff? Or, just want to make sure you are making the very best  business decisions possible?  We got you covered. Our philosophy is do good business and don’t do it alone. We are here for you!


Mardy MD Eger, President

About Our President

MD Eger & Associates was founded by Mardy MD Eger,  the company and the vision stemmed from his personal needs through the years as a business professional in traditional and nontraditional business and Network marketing, direct sales and mlm.  Early in his career he discovered the requirements needing fulfillment in order to become a success in the marketplace. He became a student in every area investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and found ways to combine all he’d learned to not only become successful creating massive multi million dollar businesses but educating and providing consultation for other business pros in need of this cutting edge information and access.   This has in itself turned into a in high demand business and has provided Platinum level service for some of the most elite companies and influence-rs worldwide, as well as mom and pops, and beginners a like. MD has taken much pride in becoming the go to professional of choice as well as the resource that many call upon with assurance and confidence for over a decade to propel their businesses to the next level. With a professional team comprised of over two dozen best of the the best in the industry, MD Eger & Associates is considered the dream team behind the scenes for many companies throughout the globe.