Merchant Service

We provide real solutions for small, medium and large companies needing merchant account services.  Let’s face it, if your business can’t accept monies electronically over the web, chances are you’re in trouble and losing a fortune daily. Whether your business is high risk or low risk we can provide for you solutions to get you in and keep you in the game and compete with your competition at any level. Allow our specialist to service your needs and reduce your stress in the process.

Business Consulting

In today’s ever changing climate as it pertains to business, technology, resources, strategies,  and how business is done globally and locally, it’s important to have and keep your hand on the pulse to not only compete but win and win big.  It’s important that every algorithm from start to finish is thought through with proven methods without the element of surprise and the error of trial and error methods.  We offer solutions from the beginning to the launch of your new idea or company, as well as the important elements of growth and retention.  Whether it be marketing, copyrighting, aggressive strategies, recruitment or marketplace analysis, we are here to help you in every area.  Our professionals are so gifted and knowledgeable that the scope of all the services are just way to broad to list all here. If you can dream it, and believe it, we can help you make it happen.

Life Coaching

Personal development, and business development, can go hand in hand, and ever so often they do and either from the stresses of life, the uncertainty of the flow, in any business professional’s life and career there comes a time where in there’s a need for direction, a different and fresh perspective, and a relief of business and personal stress that comes with life.  This is where we come in, with over 40 years experience over coming some of lives most daunting challenges, MD Eger is able to help you process through any and every scenario and walk you through and lead you to solutions, to over come, grow from as well as grow to the next level.  More than just motivation, each session is filled with true life impacting value and  substance, that can affect the culture of business and personal relationships around you in such a profound way.  Being a product of what it takes to over come and become massively successful, a personal session with MD Eger is to be considered high impact and life changing.


Companies like Pepsi and Coke recognize the importance of branding and marketing so much they not only compete but lead in the beverage industry in visibility. With the error of not only TV and print, but now also social media, companies all across the world compete to be seen and be seen #1 the most, and #2  be seen first.  It’s important to only trust your company’s reputation and growth to a company that knows the industry and knows it well.  We employ the very best in this industry who provide every solution possible to give you the unfair advantage over your competition in your marketplace. Services ranging from branding, to marketing globally to regionally to locally, it doesn’t matter we can help. Are you the next Coke or Pepsi?


Within the marketing industry having a platform to brand and market you and your company is the first step, you must have a website, and it all starts there. To be super effective and depending on your genre, you must have several web based mechanisms  working simultaneously in sync in order to compete and be a viable entity within the marketplace. Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you’re selling real estate, cares or doughnuts you must do business the 21st century way.  Our brilliant and dedicated staff treats each and every project as if it were their own.  We take your vision, purpose and dream serious and bring it to life for you.  No matter the need or request, we can handle it and will with white glove treatment. Websites, marketing systems, full mlm custom software, affiliate program software, eCommerce stores,marketing funnels, fan pages,  there’s nothing too small or too large.  Dream it, share it and we will deliver it for you.

Venture capital/Financial/Credit

Businesses needing working capital we can assist you in accessing the finances you need.Other financial services include corporate set up, business and personal credit services. We partner you with the best solution to fit your needs.

MLM/Network Placement

With this unique service, we help network marketers find the best home for them and their teams.  This is a specialty service where we consult and from a non biased perspective assist marketers and mlm’ers in finding the perfect fit for their organizations.  Perfect service for the large team leader and builder as well as the new person seeking for the first time. With over 20 years of highly successful experience in this arena as a top earner in the industry, allow my wisdom to guide you to the possibilities of a career enhancing decision.

Real Estate Investor and consultant

Specializing in commercial and residential real estate. With over 30 years of experience in the rental and acquisition markets we are your go to source for elite level quality consulting and resources covering any and every area of investing, whether pertaining to flips or buy and hold rentals, land development, financing etc we are your #1 choice. We are very active within the entire industry from every aspect and are here to serve you. Need to sell your property? We are consistently securing and adding new properties to our portfolio. Need financing? We have the very best resources for every situation and scenario.