I was blown away by Mardy’s wisdom. He helped me not only save my struggling business but build it to the million dollar enterprise it is today.

Ted G
Atlanta, GA

Mardy Eger is a God send. He took the time with me that I needed so I could digest and understand the principles of online marketing, After I got the hang of it, my business just exploded!

Sarah D
Dallas, TX

At first I was skeptical of paying someone to coach me as this concept was new to me, but this was the best investment I could have ever made. Mardy Eger is brilliant, patient and caring and thanks to him my business has grown at least 300%.

Dexter Y
Los Angeles, CA

We were hit hard by the economy we both lost our jobs as well as took a big hit in the stock market losing our life savings. We heard about Mardy and called him, and decided to come and spend 3 days with him. He helped us in such a way we left feeling empowered, and started our own business. Today we have not only replaced the income we lost but have actually given ourselves more than a 250% raise. Life is great!

Linda and Phil Z
New York, NY

As a newbie to the home business industry I had no clue at all what I was doing or where I was going. I called Mardy Eger and actually flew in for one of his private boot camps and left so fired up and equipped I trippled my investment to attend the bootcamp back the following week in sales! I’m now a permanent coaching client. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Claude V
Houston, TX

Our event’s attendance was down and it equated to loss revenues in the millions. We tried several other firms that produced either no or medium results. I attended an event and met MD Eger, and that meeting was epic. My organization employed his company and we’ve seen nothing but growth from the inception. All of our events are now packed and we’ve recovered and rebounded from where we were and are now finally experiencing the momentum and growth we desired.

Rolondo Q
Detroit, MI

My company secured MD Eger & Associates to handle all of our marketing campaigns. I must say the results were far greater than we expected. They delivered on the promise, our phones rang, our web site Alexa ratings went through the roof due to the amount of traffic that started pouring in. And yes, our revenues have gone through the roof. We have now signed another agreement and for 24 months.

John P

Honestly I was just making a one last effort at saving our corporation or selling. We were already doing well and things were stable, but we weren’t growing and while things were good we thought we would sell. One of our former partners told us about MD Eger, so we contacted him for consultation. During the session we discovered that we’d yet to fully tap into our niche market and were leaving millions on the table. We revamped our game plan and followed his advice as well as place all marketing into his company’s hands. We saw results the first 6 weeks, now over 3 years later we are still growing and yes, we still happy active clients.

Earl T
Jackson, MS